Revolutionizing Enterprise Networking

GNSX is changing the landscape of enterprise networking, revolutionising how you manage and view your IT network. Our innovative approach empowers you to take control, ensuring seamless data flow, user experience, and security. Imagine harnessing the strengths of private networks with the flexibility of public networks, all while knowing every packet is visible and secure end-to-end.

Unlock the power of GNSX in 90 seconds!

Curious about GNSX – Global Network Security Experience? Discover the future of unified network integration, scalable security, and optimal performance in a quick 90-second explainer film. We break down the revolutionary features that make GNSX your go-to solution for enhanced user experience and cost-effective management efficiency.

Adapting to a
Changing Landscape

In the wake of the post-COVID era, traditional network designs have proven inadequate for evolving work patterns. Our team at GCX recognises these limitations in decades-old architecture. Decentralized models exposed complexities, while distributed security solutions fell short. This prompted us to develop a solution that addresses and resolves these challenges head-on.

Introducing GNSX: The Global Network Security Experience

We present GNSX – Global Network Security Experience, a revolutionary platform designed for unified network integration, scalable and elastic security, enhanced user experience, optimal performance and management efficiency, all at a lower cost.

By consolidating network and security services into a single centralised platform, GNSX not only saves you money but also guarantees the freedom to integrate network and security services seamlessly such that users can work from any device, any location, securely, whilst you have complete control and visibility of every packet across your Enterprise network.

The Power of GNSX

Seamless Integration

GNSX brings together Private/Public networks, SD-WAN, SASE, WAN technologies, regardless of location or device, under a single and centralised, manageable platform.

Security Empowerment

Take control of your network’s security with advanced SSE features including Data Loss Prevention, CASB, ZTNA, layer 7 firewalling, threat prevention, identity management, and more. Optimise your security framework to meet compliance needs that reduce your attack surface

Experience Level Agreements (XLA)

Unlike traditional SLAs, GNSX offers XLA, a metric aligned with the performance of each individual application across the network. This bespoke approach reflects true user experience.

Global Reach

With 250+ network locations worldwide, GNSX ensures localised experience, high performance and security wherever you operate.

AI & automation

Optimized routing coupled with Artificial Intelligence based network and security automation remediation enhance user experience while saving the most precious commodity – time.

Simplified Management

GNSX combines networking and security services under one contract, eliminating complexity. Our dashboard integrates with ServiceNow, SIEM, and SOAR platforms, giving you comprehensive control and observability.

Unlock the
Benefits of GNSX

True Workforce Flexibility:

Enjoy a secure, uniform network accessible from anywhere and any device. GNSX offers a seamless integration of high-quality private connectivity with cost-effective public networking.

Streamlined Operations:

Centralized network and security stack not only simplify event correlation, but replace multiple point-products and licence overlaps. Rapid feature deployment enhances agility.

Global Coverage:

Whether it be Users, On-Prem locations, Carrier integration, GNSX offers over 250+ worldwide connectivity locations including countries China, India, and Middle East.

Seamless Contracts:

Experience-level agreements (XLA) replace traditional SLAs, reflecting real user experience. Integration with ServiceNow, SIEM, and SOAR platforms adds power to your control.

Your Network, Your Way

Whether starting from scratch or leveraging existing vendor relationships, GNSX fits your needs. You can even bring your network, hardware and vendor relationship. This means you can maximize the value of your current assets while embracing cutting-edge network and security solutions. Contact us today to learn more about GNSX.


We are thrilled to announce that recently GCX has been honoured with the prestigious title of the Best Digital Network Transformation Firm 2023 – UK.

In the interview with Corporate Vision, our Managed Service MD, Lorenzo Romano explores a range of industry related topics, such as our newest solution, GNSX. Access the interview.