Network underlays

Laying the foundation for network innovation

GCX’s Network Underlays provide a flexible and reliable solution for global network co-management while optimising network performance and security. With one-third of enterprise workloads running in public clouds and nearly half in private clouds, there is a growing demand for direct internet access and other network underlay technologies.


GCX’s solution enhances network performance with managed demarcation devices, a team managing over 250 global carrier relationships, and a private backbone network infrastructure that delivers strong and predictable service levels.

Enhancing User and Application Performance

Our underlay solutions optimise user application performance, provide clear visibility through a centralised cloud-based management dashboard, and offer cost-effective network infrastructure. Customers can implement overlay technologies such as SD-WAN on top of the underlay infrastructure for enhanced security and performance.

Flexibility is the backbone of our operations

GCX provides a flexible range of services, including fully managed or circuit procurement and deployment options. Our solution features GCX’s global presence, professional services, and joint-management options.

We offer flexible commercial terms, and our solutions are backed by a team of expert consultants to assist you on every step of your data journey. Choose GCX for a reliable and efficient network underlay solution.