Secure Web Gateway

Enhance Productivity Without Compromising Security

With the increasing prevalence of remote work and the rise of online threats, organizations need a better way to protect their sensitive data. GCX Secure Web Gateway Service offers a powerful solution that secures every connection, from every device, to every destination on the Internet. It ensures that sensitive data stays within the network without sacrificing performance or productivity.

Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) Technology

GCX Secure Web Gateway Service also includes remote browser isolation (RBI) technology. This creates a secure container between the user’s browser and the Internet, preventing web-borne attacks from compromising local devices.

RBI executes web browsing sessions in a remote, isolated environment, stopping malicious code or activity from infecting the user’s local device.

Benefits for Businesses

GCX’s secure web gateway with remote browser isolation combines critical elements to introduce enterprise-class cybersecurity to businesses:

Patching known vulnerabilities in every browser and blocking threats effectively.

Remote browser isolation stops malware before it infects endpoints, providing a seamless browsing experience.

Reducing the attack surface by stopping malicious code on
uncategorized, risky, or low-risk sites from infecting users’ devices.

Effective Security Features

GCX’s next-generation secure web gateway solution offers several features to manage employee access and ensure effective security:

Cloud Architecture for Easy Deployment

GCX’s Gateway is a cloud-based security solution, making it easy to deploy without complex network requirements. It can be adopted and migrated with minimal disruption, providing flexibility to adapt to changing security needs over time.



GCX’s Managed Secure Web Gateway solution addresses the need for organizations to be more aware of security risks. It offers a comprehensive solution for securing employee Internet traffic and protecting sensitive data, ensuring peace of mind and protection against a wide range of online threats.