Protecting Your Retail Assets with Robust Cybersecurity Solutions


The retail market is rapidly changing, and technology challenges are proliferating. The pandemic accelerated the decline of brick-and-mortar stores, leading to a quick adoption of e-commerce solutions. Supply chain resilience has become a critical focus, affecting customer experience and revenues.

Retailers who adopt end-to-end digital business models and use data analytics to deliver actionable outcomes have a greater chance of success, provided they can maintain a digital-first strategy with a strong security posture. GCX is a technology partner that can provide support for these challenges.


Customers move seamlessly between different channels to complete their purchases or returns. Thus, a retailer’s store, concessions, pop-ups, website, supply chain, and customer service centers should be synchronized at all times.

Information about products, stock, and customers must be available on different platforms, including in-store, online, mobile, kiosks, and in-store tablets. The customer interaction should facilitate the collection of data to improve the customer experience using secure, high-quality, and on-brand methods.

Understanding customer behavior and the customer journey can lead to improved retention, more targeted marketing, curated shopping experiences, and ultimately greater sales. GCX can deliver services that enhance the retailer experience throughout the data journey.

From Warehouse to Customer: Enhancing Your Supply Chain Journey

Using data to understand customer behavior is fundamental to maintaining a superb customer experience and driving revenue recognition. However, fulfilling customers’ requirements in an effective way involves being in control of the supply chain. Knowing when new stock will be received and where and when it will be distributed is critical to order fulfillment.

GCX provides global warehouse data connectivity solutions and integrated contact center solutions across the supply chain. GCX Cyber delivers supply chain security audits and professional services follow-ups to mitigate the risk of supply chains being disrupted due to cyber attacks.

No More Blind Spots: Security Everywhere Ensures Comprehensive Protection

Data breaches can lead to websites being taken offline, resulting in lost trading hours, sizable fines, and negative brand perception. GCX provides a suite of cybersecurity services, including pen testing, vulnerability assessments, virtual resources, detection and response solutions, and incident response services. GCX’s cybersecurity solutions are designed to keep retail assets up and running as much as possible while maintaining customer data privacy and security.


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